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Ensure Safety at Your Own Doors with Kentix




Online Access Control with Kentix DoorLock® technology 

Practical use through mobile application


With the Kentix DoorLock® you only need two base components, the Kentix AccessPoint as control center and the online door opener, to set up a complete online access system. 


For the contact-free opening of doors via RFID token, you have the online door cylinder, the online door lever and the online wall reader at your disposal.The advantage of the Kentix online access system is how easy it can be cross-linked and integrated into existing IT networks. Via the Kentix360 Cloud the system can be managed and remote controlled from anywhere and at any time. However, you can also use the DoorLock without connecting it to the Cloud if desired. 

The modification of Kentix DoorLock® is uncomplicated and can be done without further constructional measures. This way, you can set up big or small access systems with little mounting effort and at little cost – for more security in your server room, your office and IT-racks.


Kentix Door Cylinder fits into any door

 You can unlock the Kentix DoorLock with RFID token. If a token is lost, you can easily disable it in the  system and teach in a new one to Access Point




KkkkkkKentix DoorLock RFID anahtarını kapıya temas ettirmeden açabilir, RFID anahtarı kaybolursa anahtarı sistemden devre dışı bırakabilir ve AccessPoint' e yeni bir anahtar tanıt






Kentix Access Point

 The just 90x90x45mm large AccessPoint is the online intelligence of the system. Via the integrated HTTPS web server all access profiles and users are managed.The integration into existing IT networks is easily done via the PoE network interface.






Access Control with Kentix Access Point








 With Kentix Door Lock® technology, you can control who can have access to a room via AccessPoint. Who has access and to what time is decided by the AccessPoint.

 What is special here is that many AccessPoints can be linked together and can be expanded to a large and decentralized access system.













DoorLock - DC

Online Door Cylinder with radio

  •  DIN cylinder up to 140 mm length
  •  Easy exchange and installation
  •  More than 1500 cylinders linkable
  •  Integrated MIFARE DESFire RFID reader

CompleteSet- DoorLock









Online Access System

  •   Network-compatible (PoE)
  •   Web-based
  •  More than 1500 cylinders linkable
  •  Integrated MIFARE DESFire RFID reader